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The Only way to save money is to PASS FASTER! For this you will need an instructor who is capable and experienced.

Amazingly most people think about the cost per hour of a driving lesson before they think about their actual goal, which is inevitably to pass their driving test. No matter how much you pay per hour if the quality of the tuition is substandard or inadequate you WILL end up taking twice as many lessons as you probably require. Some instructors will offer incredibly cheap or even free lessons in order to secure your business. Don't let this fool you into thinking you're getting a good deal, it's a cheap trick and once you're learning they will need to recoup the money somehow and this will result in you taking far more lessons than you would normally require. So you've made the decision to learn to drive with Canada Trust Driving School Inc. and require a lifetime skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life? Here at CanadaTrust Driving School Inc. we will do everything possible to help you achieve that goal in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

At Canada Trust Driving School Inc. we aim to increase student's confidence and knowledge by structuring each course to suit individual needs. Students can choose from Learner Training, Refresher Courses, Parking and Motorway Lessons and other valuable courses.

Canada Trust Driving School Inc. Driving Instructors will be using a dual controlled, air-conditioned Car guide through the programs.
Many of our students like to schedule lessons during their lunch-break or after work so they can maximize their time behind the wheel. Speak to Canada Trust Driving School Inc. about pick-up service from work, college, university or home.

We hope the Canada Trust Driving School website will give you all the information you need to prepare yourself for each stage of your chosen course. We look forward to hearing from you...

Our friendly instructors offer expert tuition over a minimum two hour period, in modern, well maintained vehicles with dual controls. Remember you need to have received your provisional licence before you book your first lessons.

We can offer beginners with little or no driving experience a course of lessons starting with the basics and building up as confidence and ability improves. We will start off somewhere where there is very little traffic so you can practice moving off and stopping, junctions and turning right and left.

If you’ve already been taught to drive by your family or another instructor or driving school but you are not yet up to standard we will assess your ability and then work with you to improve. We will help you to gain the experience and skills required so that you are ready for your test.

If you have already passed your test, even if it was some time ago, you may have lost your confidence, never learnd how to park in a space or are unsure on the motorway. We can offer you a refresher course to help you regain your confidence and ensure you are a safe and competent driver. The length of the course will depend on how long it was since you’ve driven and what you need help with.